Oz Character Profile: The Cold Ones

This will be the first of many in-depth look behind the influences, design, creation and eventually, birth of characters from my Oz series. Often times as readers we see characters come to life through the author or directors words, yet rarely do we get the reality of where that idea came to be. Well, be prepared. I’m sure one of your favorites will be in an upcoming blog before long.

First, my favorites. The Cold Ones.

Before anything, there were Jen & Sylvia, the Soska Sisters. Indie writers and directors like none other, they followed in the steps of gods like Sam Raimi and others, bringing their movies and ideas to life against a slew of competition. Now, with the success of American Mary and the upcoming See No Evil 2, they have skyrocketed from indie pioneers to everything that’s hot in Hollywood.

Before American Mary took off, I became friends with these lovely ladies and had the privilege of getting to know them. The twisted twins of horror and their likeness soon became what was “The Cold Ones”. Starting off in the prequel to Solace Through Tragedy, the twin sisters Evelyn and Tara had blood connections to Xavier Stein, the serial killer known as the Precursor. Their roles within the Origins of Oz were intricate to the development of its protagonist, guiding her through cryptic messages and morbid behavior. Their Kubrick-esqe qualities kept the protagonist on her guard as the book entered a very difficult and dark conclusion.

Please check out the Soska Sisters here:

Make sure to support those who are struggling as independent writers, developers, and directors. You never know who might become the next big thing. Girls like the Soska Sisters are known for caring about their fans because they understand who it was who took them to the top.

Image courtesy of the Soska Sisters


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