Music While Writing

This topic has been pretty 50/50 from what I’ve gathered on Facebook polls and various author posts about this.

Many people feel music can be distracting. When writing, many authors need a clear head to focus. No screaming children, a drink with either liquor or caffeine, and most of all, no music to pull their attention away from the words they’re trying to piece together.

On the flip side, authors such as myself feel that music sets up a mood. Our books or written work are like movies in our heads. How would a good movie be without an incredible soundtrack? Exactly. I will even setup playlists for specific scenes. The music will occasionally influence areas of the book with its lyrics. I have more than once had characters use lines similar to song lyrics because it was fitting to a scene and worked perfectly.

How do you feel about listening to music while writing? Do you have a specific category of music that speaks to you?

Image: SXSW Music 2011 – Austin, TX by kris krüg

JC Noir

JC Noir is a horror author who lives with his daughter in Pittsburgh, PA.With two series to his name--Origins of Oz and Relics of Oz--he has been acclaimed for writing dark, fantastical, and twisted stories with a cyberpunk twist.

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