The Future Of Oz

So I’ve gotten the question lately on where I plan to go with Oz. The way I see it, there is no beginning and end, only how far back I’ve shown you and where things have progressed until now. There is a constant degradation of progress, as no matter what choices are made, more issues arise. So before we can look at where this series is going, let’s look at where we’ve been, in order:

The Origins of Oz:
Solace Through Tragedy
Solace Into Nightfall

The Relics of Oz:
Alice & Chess
Shattered Oz (ETA Winter 2014)

When my newsletters takes off, plan on seeing Sanguine Nights, a 10 part novelette series that takes place as a prequel to Alice & Chess.

After these, the plan is to go full-tilt and wrap every concept, every sub-genre into the final, climactic episode. Expect plenty of cyberpunk & steampunk elements, airships, teleporting, sword fights…and maybe even a legion of lost boys. Stay tuned.


Image: Japan Apocalypse IMG_7345 by Thierry Ehrmann

JC Noir

JC Noir is a horror author who lives with his daughter in Pittsburgh, PA.With two series to his name--Origins of Oz and Relics of Oz--he has been acclaimed for writing dark, fantastical, and twisted stories with a cyberpunk twist.

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