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Like a deck of playing cards in his hand, calling cards fired from his palm into the open group. “Please contact me for all your reattachment services. Human, canine, cybernetic, synthetic, aesthetic, hyperkinetic, and prophetic!” — John Hatter, Alice and Chess

About Solace Through Tragedy


Three girls with one set of memories,

Locked in a city shrouded in secrets and lies.

Hunted by misshapen nightmares,

They must discover the reason why death is their only key out.


Kaitlin: The Redeemer

Alexia: The Tortured Soul

Fade: The Unifier


As the city falls apart around them,

They must race against the clock to uncover

The truth behind their horrific pasts

Before it crumbles in the fog, locking them away forever.

About Solace Into Nightfall


A Journey Through Mental Instability That Will Blur The Lines Between Reality & Fantasy

Learn Where One Of The Most Infamous Villains Began Her Story…

Demons aren’t born, they’re forged.

With destruction brings creation, although what will form from the remnants of a broken mind?


One woman will discover she is more than just a mother, a wife and an orphan.

The world has forsaken her to a destiny she doesn’t want.

One so dark, even hell won’t take her in.


Time to find a place that will.

About Alice and Chess


The only thing more terrifying than a fall down the rabbit hole…

Is the creature that follows you home.

This time there can be no running away.

When Alice’s mental world collapsed after her escape from The Queen, Alice retreated home. From the comfort of her bed, evil infiltrated her room and violated Alice in ways that would alter her inside and out.


It’s actions changed the course of history in Alice’s reality forever.


When fantasy can no longer be fiction, Wonderland becomes Lucidity.


The fairy tale you thought you knew will become the nightmare you could never imagine.

Readers are saying…


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the old fairy tales were not ``happily ever after?`` This story tells you exactly that. The story line just sucks you into the pages. I will be certain to buy more from J.C. Noir!!!

A brilliant story...

...taking you into the depths of a place inside of a soul that should never be visited. Author J.C. Noir has yet again brought light to the darkness of things that we generally leave unexplored, and done so in such a hauntingly beautiful way. Wonderfully written, it brings vivid mental images as the story progresses, and the pictures his words paint stay with you long after the story is over.

This story will hook you, and drag you to places you've only seen in your darkest dreams. Enjoy the journey of a twisted mind.

... takes you on a dizzying flight down the rabbithole...

Ever wondered what happened after Alice happened to Wonderland? ``Alice`` tells the story of Alice's affect on Wondlerand and the affect it had on her, when she returns to the ``real`` world and grew up. But what is real and what's ``all in her head``?
JC Noir takes you on a dizzying flight down the rabbithole of Alice's mind--back to Lucidity, as Wonderland is now known.

I thoroughly enjoyed winding my way through the maze of Lucidity and surely never saw the ending coming. I hope there's another trip down the rabbithole in store.

I was mesmerized...

...from page one and that isn't easily done. I was mesmerized from page one and that isn't easily done. i really didn't know what was going to happen before it happened.

This is an amazingly dark, fantastical...

...cyberpunk take on the aftermath of the awesome tale of Alice and Wonderland.

I enjoyed reading this amazing alternate universe of Wonderland. It was twisted, dark and fast paced. Chess and Alice's relationship is pure and tragic
at the same time. You will find yourself lost with Alice through the wreck of this foreboding place. A must-read, novella-length story that is a uniquely imaginative ride with an unpredictable finale.

An enthralling read from start to finish...

Jc Noir has done a marvellous job at transforming the story we all knew and grew up with into something entirely different and its own. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone over the age of 16 and would be interested in reading further novels by this author.
An enthralling read from start to finish I was glued from the very beginning and had the book read within two days.

Amazing little gem!

Absolutely fantastic! Read it in one day, couldn't put it down. I can't wait for more!
If you like creepy then this is for you, very well written.

Exciting and Sexy!!!

I was hooked from the beginning, already asking myself questions just from the first few pages.
Definitely a knotted, but arousing twist to the Alice in Wonderland we are familiar with.
The relationship between Alice and Chess are reminiscent of Mamoulian and Whiteheads daughter from
Damnation Game, evidence of early Barker all over.
The descriptions are beautifully written and the influences of the characters are strong.
This read was meaty, it left me grieved and starving when I finished...seconds please!!??

A phenomenal read

I have always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland and have collected renditions. However, Noir's take on this classic whimsical tale is just astounding and very out of the ordinary. The writing style is specific to him alone and is undoubtedly easy to read. I couldn't put it down! Every time I was called away, I felt like the alternate world created being ripped from me. Noir has outdone himself! HIGHLY recommended summer reading.

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